Hot Dogs Handy

I’m just getting myself familiarized in the kitchen, so I’m no grill master.  But, who doesn’t want hot dogs and hamburgers sometimes?  I can manage that and until now, I’ve only used grilling foil to avoid the mess that food directly placed on the grates can leave behind.  However, in doing so, I also lost those appealing grill marks that most of us love about grilling in the first place.

19424097_808125932688907_2130454201277018126_nSo, when I came across these Yoshi Copper Grill & Bake Mats, I had to add to cart.  I’m quite eager to use things immediately upon arrival and hot dogs were an easy choice.  Nothing to marinate or prepare and the sooner I’d learn if these work for me.  They did, just fine.  Have I mentioned that they also conduct heat more evenly?

Out with the old..

They’re good in the oven too and can be cut to size but they’re perfect for the grill, as is.  I have other goodies in mind for my baking needs, but until then I’ll turn to these copper mats to line the larger pans.  Saving foil yet again and now, cooking spray.  If you don’t mind the inevitable oil stains, then these are quite practical.  I like their versatility!  (Below left is the mat shown after grill use and before cleaning.  On the right after I used it in the oven for home-made chicken nuggets and then wiped clean.)

Granted.  Foil meant one less thing to clean but wiping them down was painless and in any case, they’re also dishwasher safe.  Now, if I tear off a sheet of foil only to find out it’s my last, it really won’t matter.

By the way, I love mustard.  Honey mustard is nice and all but give me something with a little bit of heat so the spicy kind was my go-to condiment for my Franks, always.  The kids can keep their ketchup.  Then, I find a recipe with mustard and BBQ sauce that helped me forget that all I had were hot dogs handy when my grill mats first arrived.

How do you like your dogs?


I grilled a sirloin on the mat which is a messier test than hot dogs.  I used a wooden spoon to scrape off the burnt pieces without any real effort (this is going to be a major plus for baking food too because I won’t have to soak the pans so long as line them with these mats.)  Photos above clearly show how clean up was still as easy as 1-2-3.


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