Chimichurri, Paste or Pour?

Plenty of sources out there available for debate regarding the authenticity of things and I’m certainly no expert on Argentinian sauces.  If you’re interested, Chimichurri Sauce – Its Origins sheds some light on this.

All I personally knew about this sauce was that it was green and good.  Simply, a delicious sauce to coat or dip my Churrasco when I ordered it at a restaurant I frequented in mid-town Manhattan.  Then one day it arrived at the table in a form more like a paste.  New chef, supposedly.  But whether this is the way it was meant to be or not, I stayed yearning for the former when it had a salad dressing consistency — splashy and oily that I could pour all over my plate, if I wanted to.

Good thing is that it prompted me to learn how to make it at home and this is the recipe that gets it the way I remembered and just how I liked it.  For small batches of marinades or dipping sauces or on days when I don’t want to cut herbs, onions and garlic myself, I turn to this handy mini chopper and immersion blender set combo.

To my surprise, Chimichurri doesn’t include cilantro, typically and that’s what I had loved about it most.

To each his own taste buds as this one works for me, but what about you?

Are you team paste or pour?


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