Piña Niña

I’ve made my own Piña Coladas before, but few and far between.  I simply looked forward to enjoying them while I was out with friends.  Oh and the best, the very best ones came from the local fruit stands while on a tropical vacation.  Fresh pineapple and coconut is no contest!

That said, lack of freshly squeezed juice or a hurricane glass will not deter me from having the next best thing at home.  To my delight, this video on How to make a pina colada is portioned for just one drink, mine.  This is perfect because my Ninja blender comes with a single serve container that’s ideal for this.  (Note to self:  I want long mixing stirring spoons.)

(A blank page from a small planner closest to me for note taking.  See header.  You damn right!)

Unfortunately, there was no heavy cream around (a missing ingredient that won’t hurt unless I’m in the mood for Alfredo sauce.)  Also, I began with a 15 oz can of Coco Lopez and the large Dole brand of pineapple juice, so I had plenty left over.  (FYI: The Coco Reàl brand comes in a set of 3 so you can be sure to have enough to serve a crowd.)  But that’s not today and so I simply froze the remainder in cubes (something I also do with extra tomato sauce or paste, a homemade batch of Sofrito, herbs in olive oil, etc.)


In this way, I can make single serve colada for myself again in the near future.  With this being a frozen drink and all, I won’t need to add ice next time.  (If I have the milk on hand by then, I’ll just add it fresh.)

FYI – According to The Kitchn and their post entitled How I Freeze Homemade Stock in Ice Cube Trays one cube is equivalent to one ounce.  As I skipped the milk and rum, doubling the recipe gave me a proper serving size (2 cubes of coconut and 12 cubes of pineapple juice.)  Unless you overcompensate with rum, of course!

By the way, if you replace the Bacardi for banana, you’ll have a simple smoothie version for the kids. Eventually, I’ll garnish my drink with a tiny umbrella, a slice of pineapple and a real cherry because it doesn’t have to be maraschino.



Final random thoughts:

I cannot ignore the fact that the mere mention of a pineapple will always bring to mind Escape (The Pina Colada Song) and how the lyrics about reading a letter in the personal columns would translate today.  A profile on a dating site, of course.

Another flashback is that fun film about three best friends entitled The Sweetest ThingWith its girls night out club antics, dressing room montage and rendition of the aforementioned song mid-road trip with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate, it’s one duet that’s sure to make you giggle.  If you’re watching during your next mommy “me” time, I hope you’ll also be sipping on a piña, niña.  You deserve it!


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