In the mix, finally.

Baking pans, salad bowls, pots or plates.  Whatever was closest to me or took up the least amount of space is what I have used to season or marinate food.

It’s always been this way even though there was an obvious need for me to have a mixing bowl at my disposal.  They’re always using them on all the food channels and in most recipe videos, but I still couldn’t take a hint.

I have no explanation (yet again) for the delay except to say that as one becomes more self-aware in the kitchen, these sort of realizations ultimately hit you.


So I went in search of one and ended up with six (which is perfectly fine space-wise because they are nesting mixing bowls.)  Yes!  What a wonderful solution that has finally filled the void in this kitchen.

In a few hours when I must face down two split chicken breasts (destined for the oven that I’ll enjoy with mashed potatoes and a side of roasted garlic asparagus spears) I’ll enthusiastically reach for the largest of the set as back-up.  The smallest already made its debut during breakfast to scramble up some eggs.

Now, I’m actually looking forward to meal prep because I’ll feel like a pro, for a little while.

Hey, are you in the mix?

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