Long ago and far away, I was responsible for (among other things) expense reports. Traveling executives would return with all of the receipts associated with their business trips and meetings for processing.  The appropriate description was to be entered for each line item and the code for meals was an abbreviation for the word sustenance. It was a fact that had always stood out to me.

Food is indeed necessary for our survival and even though I no longer manage the needs of an office, I still have to manage our life at home.


Eventually, I realized that creating a spreadsheet to track use of our pantry items, as one example, was essential.  It prevented me from unnecessarily bringing yet another brand of Honey Mustard home from the market.

At this writing, the fridge also awaits because I must clean it and get it ready for our next round of groceries.  I don’t want to play Tetris with old left-overs to make pockets of space for the new stuff.  I also don’t enjoy attempting to cook anything after unloading our grocery bags.  Starting that process on the same day you did your food shopping feels a bit insane.  The best times are when we’ve brought back pizza!

Nevertheless, life is unpredictable and no matter what else is happening. we still have to eat.  Therefore, it always pleases me to know that my family can look forward to a decent home cooked meal to help us get us through each and every day.  So, I continue learning how to make new things (economical by the way) and I plan.  I experiment and I prep. I’m not always in the kitchen however.  I’m also busy with a slew of other things in the realm of self-learning, so that I may continue to evolve and grow, hence rising flower.

We mothers often lament about how we do not get paid for all the things we do, that would most certainly make a rather lengthy bullet list on any resume.  We cook, clean, counsel, comfort, create and continue.  (I wanted to add troubleshoot but didn’t want to mess with the alliteration.)

Sidebar.  I wish I cooked back in those days because then I’d bring in marvelous leftovers instead of paying an arm and a leg to order something from outside.  I’d also have an excuse to keep this adorable as it is practical adorable mini crock pot on my desk!

I’m simply grateful that we’re able to gather around the table to enjoy a ritual that provides sustenance for our spirits as well.  When you’re able to present your loved ones with a dish you made with care, it can be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.

But, not doing the dishes.  Never the dishes.


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