Baking Bacon?

All the years I had to contend with the messy splatter, the minor burns and disposal of oil.  Now, I just line a disposable pan with strips of bacon (ideal for feeding family after a sleepover) first thing in the morning.

Then, I go about my business to prepare eggs, pancakes and/or French toast.  (Different methods out there but, so far 400 degrees until crisp works for me.)  By the way, this tray/oven rack is perfect for the drip release for this and more.

Later, when it’s cooled, I simply throw the empty pan in the trash.    No more greasy stove waiting for a wipe down from me.  Thankfully,  it’s never too late to learn that there is such a thing as Bakon.

If per chance you also missed the boat, then you’re welcome because I’ll never use the stove-top for this again.


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