Soy Vay so yum!

When I woke up this morning, I knew exactly what I was going to eat.  A big fat juicy steak!  Not for breakfast (although I won’t refuse a plate of steak and eggs in the morning, I was thinking about dinner.)

I was going to simply season it in the usual way with salt and pepper.  Then, after leaving it at room temperature for a while it was headed for the grill.  But, some friends called to say they were in our neck of the woods and were headed over.

So, I cut the meat into thin strips and turned to my trusted jar brand of Island Teriyaki sauce because I knew it would not disappoint.  I let it marinate for over an hour while I made a big pot of white rice and pink beans.  Luckily, we also had Avocados that I sliced to serve on the side along with a nice big bowl of salad.

I was grateful that this spread fed four adults and one child and the hardest part was having to share.  If you recall, I had my own plans for that steak.

Oh and no pics because I was too busy socializing and making eye contact with our guests like in the days of old.





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