Tired of things that come out of a can, I wanted to make Arroz con Gandules finally, without the peas first coming out of one.  Erroneously, I picked up a bag of Goya’s Whole Green Peas only to discover that those are not the same as Green Pigeon Peas.  I learned that they’re typically found in the frozen aisle but now I had these, so what do I do with them?

Thanks Goya!

Conveniently, there was a recipe right on the back of the bag for Green Pea Soup. Hmm.  Not exactly what I had in mind but hey, I love peas and I love soup so let’s start there.  (Especially the creamy kind but this doesn’t require milk or flour and that was a nice change.)

In typical fashion I wanted to type it up (because I love creating more work for myself) but once I got online realized that I didn’t have to as The Recipe Thing has it covered (sort of.)  You’ll have the bag so no worries.

20170601_164311My personal preference: Although you[re supposed to pass it through the blender, I kept some of it chunky on purpose because I like a little bit of crunch. I appreciated the tiny bits of ham and carrots in my bowl.  I also slurped it up with a side of Martin’s potato bread (the slices last longer around here than the rolls.)

Oh and that ham bone I left there to the end was all for me.  Too busy licking my fingers and now my keyboard is a mess!

Lastly, you should know that I’ve tried to feed the young ones pea purée and needless to say they never liked it (the first thing that came to mind.)  Thankfully after the taste test, it was not avoided like that baby food version that comes out of jar.  Instead, I got requests for more of this soup as everyone enjoyed it, both big and small.

So, thank goodness for all these recipeas 🙂


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