Old Pots

Who doesn’t want to spend time in a state of the art kitchen or use top of the line cookware?

I too have fantasized about a sink that’s built into the kitchen island (I have neither) or a commercial size stove along with an oven I don’t have to bend down to use.  I miss flaming burners (we have electric.)  But, I remember having to season my meat at the very edge of the sink in our old cramped apartment so I can’t complain.  Nevertheless, I’m still human and those counter tops with brilliant back splashes are so pleasing to the eye.

20170531_122640.jpgAnd yet, even if I had stainless steel pots and pans hanging overhead and hidden drawers for every single gadget known to man, I don’t think I’d get rid of this old pot. The one that used to be non-stick, that used to be round.  It’s all banged up for dropping it so often and scratched inside and out for not taking better care while doing the dishes.  It was part of a double boiler set (the other half long gone) and what remained is now also missing a handle.

It was rather inexpensive and not great quality from the start.  So, I know it’s not as worthy as perhaps that authentic cast iron pot you found at that yard sale or the kind that’s passed down.  But, it cooked our food through good and bad times and thus, special.

Therefore, even once we’ve upgraded the kitchen some day or snagged the best double boiler according to Best Reviews, this old pot will be here to stay.


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