Chocolate Chips, Muffin style

I have nothing against Little Debbie, but once her Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins found their way into our pantry more than once (by request) I thought it was time to bake them myself.


When I told the kids that we didn’t need a box from the store they pointed out the fact that I don’t make anything with chocolate chips in it (except for homemade cookie dough, of course.)  But, when it came to cake, my go-to for muffins were predictably banana or blueberry (with or without the crumb topping.)   So, I was long over due for something else and my curiosity led me to Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins next.

I only had skim milk on hand and although I did have white sugar, I went with raw cane instead.  I also finally used a cupcake squares pan for a change while I was at it.

Thanks to the Little Sweet Baker our chocolate chip muffins came straight out of the oven this time and Little Debbie never has to know.





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