Instant, sort of.

When technology is used for good and not evil, you can look something up in an instant. Speaking of, powder packets for gravy is a staple for me and less wasteful than the jar kind you may not finish entirely.

20170518_212919I had run out of our Knorr stash (our favorite instant brand for gravy and sauces lately) and had to search for a recipe.  I  recall the ingredients being chicken stock or broth and flour, which I always have.  The first one I found for Homemade Chicken Gravy called for heavy cream.  Fine by me since I typically have that on hand too.

I find out that 1 quart is the entire container of stock I had and that’s too much so I had to use half.  But what is half of that?  Turns out that it’s two cups.  (Of course, my goal is to make my own chicken stock and I’ll get there, eventually.)

I also only needed to use half of a 1/3 cup for the heavy cream and thankfully Taste of Home had the answer: Two tablespoons and two teaspoons.  Who knew?

Not me, but thanks to the multiple windows I had open for this search within a search on our world wide web, our gravy was on the table in an instant, sort of.

I suspect this is a great example of how math is needed in real life (fractions at the very least.)  Oh well.

In the meantime, this other recipe is on my TO TRY list for Sausage Gravy.



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