Cake for the Pan

I’ve used store-bought mixes to make a batch of pancakes for as long as I can remember. Since I preferred the kind that still required milk and eggs to be added (not just water) I’m not sure why if the batter is not exactly instant, anyway.  Simple stuff for someone else is still a learning curve for me.


Lots of recipes out there for homemade pancakes of course, some use vanilla extract (never a mistake) or cinnamon.  Careful with this last one, when I’m not wearing my glasses I have easily mistaked our Cayenne for Cinna-man!

Okay, so it didn’t occur to me before that it might call for baking powder but of course, it is a cake for the pan.  Sometimes I have fresh fruit available and for the occasional treat I’ll add chocolate chips.  But today, we kept it simple to see if I liked this new recipe plain.  I did.

My search engine brought Good Old Fashioned Pancakes into our kitchen via All Recipes this morning and I was more than pleased.


With this success, I realized I need a waffle maker now.

I don’t believe that Aunt Jemima will be paying us too many visits after this or Bisquick. Never say never but, I think they’ve already served their purpose as all things from the past tend to do.



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