I love eggs.

Typically, scrambled.  Often, I’ll add a fresh garlic clove (yummy) and minced onion. Today, I settled for the powders. I skipped the salt for fresh pepper only. Shredded cheese might be sprinkled on top and as for meats, I won’t refuse a side of bacon.  I love breakfast sausage too and always used the pre-cooked variety.  But recently, I tried the patties you have to brown and season yourself. It was a nice change and offers up a totally different taste!

Omelets have their place but they aren’t my favorite (only because I like them a tad runny.)  I suppose this means I wouldn’t be a fan of Frittatas?  I can’t say because I’ve never had my eggs that way.  They do look marvelous though and this recipe would be my start when I’m ready.  I haven’t made a poached egg either, but Alton Brown’s video will school you.  The term in general by the way, threw me off as it pertainted to fish, but that’s another post.

Anyway, over easy (like Sunday morning) works fine if I have any toast around to dip into the yoke and hard-cooked eggs never hurt nobody.  They’re always my go-to because I can make them ahead and eat them when I don’t have any time to spare.  It’s very convenient to keep them handy in the fridge when you develop a sudden craving for ensalada de papa, people.

Before serving, I had an irrisistable urge to sing as I walked over to the table:

Point to your nose.  Tug your ears. Open your eyes.  Face your fears.  If you get restless, go stretch your legs.  Good morning breakfast, it’s scrambled eggs!

That was just me on some early learning fun I cannot control.

You might notice there’s no featured food image and that’s because my kid has my phone.


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