Spice it up!

I have yet to grow a single herb at home, but I still like to find out how all types of things are made in preparation for the day when I’m actually ready to take those next steps.  Then, I began wondering if in addition to fresh herbs, if anyone made their own spices too.  Garlic powder for starters.

So, I began watching a few tutorials on how it’s done and as much as I’d like to let garlic cloves sit out in the sun for what seems like forever as our ancestors once did, I’m going to compromise with the dehydrator method.  But, not just for this purpose.  Apparently, with the help of a food dehydrator you can make your own beef jerky as well as, fruit roll ups.  Don’t have any pets or kids to motivate you?  Well, you can also make yourself tea and potpourri, ladies.  Yup!  And, I realize that this all sounds like a bit much right now, but it is true.  Anyway, if you want to see how achievable the garlic powder is, check out this video by Big Family Homestead.

17991058_771105593057608_111839499227625941_nIf you happen to also enjoy Latin flavored dishes (who doesn’t it?) then check out another YouTube channel featuring Chef Mama Rosa and her homemade Sazon recipe, Panamanian style.

18011098_771105576390943_1415282428752304277_nRecently, we began ordering spices made by Frontier Natural Products.  So far, we have their parsley, oregano, garlic and onion powders, which are delivered in airtight bags.  I transfer the contents into these Oggi canisters.  Mainly because the little spoons they come with are everything.

Now I’m on a hunt for cute little containers to fill with my own homemade spices, once I get around to it.  Have you?

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