I really don’t know how it even began.  This business about no crust on kid sandwiches.  It seems to have been a practice since slice bread was invented and I certainly didn’t encourage it.

I also have no idea why it’s not a request for bread when we have regular toast with jam or when I make our favorite, French toast.

But when it comes to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, off they go.  Like most moms, I use cookie cutters to make it easier and more fun.

As for the crusts, it took me a while to get with the program as I always discarded them. Not anymore.  I save them and cut them into bite sizes for the little ones still learning how to eat.  We buy whole wheat so in the process, they’re also getting a good source of fiber in their diet.

But, I’m hoping to make croûtons and/or stuffing with them, eventually too.

Recipe-wise, there’s a trail of home-made croûtons  and/or stuffing that I’ll be adding to the list of things to try.

I have made stuffing before with stale bread but never with the crusts only and I’m glad that I have plenty of time before the holidays to experiment with that.  (It’s Springtime, so all I want to learn how to make at home lately is a mixed drink or a pitcher of Sangria!)

Salads however are on the menu year round so I wonder if it’ll work for that.

You know, as crustons.  Ha!



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