Not Pepper Steak

A friend passed along a recipe for Chinese Pepper Steak but I never had the right ingredients every time I was in the mood for it.

The good news is that it still motivated me to pull out my wok even though I didn’t have flank steak or even peppers!


I did have sandwich steak that I cut into strips,  soy sauce, the cooking kind of sherry, chicken stock, garlic (duh) and onions.  Eventually, I’ll bring home a bottle of dry sherry but what on earth is shaoxing wine?

And, although I have sesame oil (which seems best for stir fry flavor) I simply forgot and habitually reached for Canola.

I skip corn starch in general because I don’t need sauces thickened over white rice (my staple for saucy meats.)

Lastly, I picked up Simply Asia Sweet Ginger Garlic Seasoning in the spice aisle recently that I had been saving for something.  Like steak with onions I suppose.

My sloppy plate was not presentable for photos but I devoured it just the same. In fact, I’m reheating whatever is left for seconds just as soon as I publish this post.


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