How do you like your fish?

Without a professional culinary background, the proper terms and methods for any given dish can be mysterious at best.

For example, while searching for salmon recipes, my first instinct was to pop it in the oven. That’s certainly one way but I also kept coming across the kind that called for poaching and it confused me a bit.  As the Cook’s Info website pointed out, it’s probably because:

Most people think immediately of Poaching eggs in water, but the process was actually perfected by the French to cook fish or poultry.

Guilty.  I belonged in this category and yet, the funny thing is that I have never poached an egg in my life.  Nevertheless, I had always heard of it.  I suspect it’s because “How do you like your eggs?” is a question we’ve all been asked at least once.

Scrambled and a bit runny is always my answer which is why I’m not too crazy about omelets I guess and every now and again I’m in the mood for them over easy (with corned beef hash of course.)  I routinely make hard cooked eggs at home so I’ll never order those out.

But, the fish.  Well, I baked it in a marinade of herbs and white wine.  On the side, I also had white rice and asparagus spears that were roasted in olive oil and garlic.

The following day my leftover salmon made for a delicious salad.

If per chance you have yet to hear why you should be eating more fish, see what the American Heart Association has to say about Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

As for prep, I’ll try poaching next with this recipe and eventually I’ll learn if I even have a preference because to date, nobody has ever asked …


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