Kitchen Land

The kitchen, it can get lonely in there some of the time.

If you’re the one who cooks, then you know that your family’s usually waiting on you for the magic to happen.  (Yes, meals are magical.)  It’s a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re obsessive like me.

There are afternoons when I’m just (beside myself) at the sink thinking about what I should attempt and when.  While everyone else is sailing along, the kitchen is a land where I find myself stranded.  I’d love to enter it only when I’m hungry and then be able to simply move on, too.

But, my time there revolves around prepping, cleaning and of course, learning.  There’s also constant reorganization of the pantry and food inventory required so we spend wisely at the supermarket.

Even though I’m very enthusiastic about the challenge (more often than not) I have my days.  When all the recipes in world can’t change the fact that I’m drawing a blank on what to make because I don’t even know what it is that I even want to eat. (Is this a problem?  Not knowing what to eat when some people don’t even have enough food to eat?  Of course not, however, this is a blog about cooking more, just so we’re clear.)

I suppose this is why a weekly menu plan is essential to combat the confusion you feel (when you don’t have a taste for anything in particular while your stomach continues to growl.)  I’d simply glance at it and just make whatever it says.  Although, I think I might still end up going for a bowl of cereal– Raisin Bran to be exact.  So, I may not have learned how to make anything new today, but I did learn something.

For instance, how much music helps in almost every situation.  Some songs have the power to make me feel as sweet as candy (even while I’m doing the dishes.)

Remember when Cameo sang…

You’re taking my appetite – but it’s all right


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