No can do.

I love breakfast or maybe I just love eggs.  Whatever the case, one of the many things I look forward to in the mornings besides coffee (duh) is breakfast food.

One particular dish I enjoy is corned beef hash, but I never made it from scratch.  In fact, even though I have prepared corned beef and cabbage before (that cooked itself for hours in my crock-pot) I didn’t make the connection.

As silly as it sounds, when it came to the breakfast version, it simply came out of a can.

I asked around and it turns out that if you boil the corned beef for hours, you can then portion it to freeze and have handy when you’re in the mood for breakfast.  You can buy the diced potatoes you find in the frozen section with all the other vegetables or just dice them up fresh, day of.  Sometimes we skip the onions and peppers and use only the spices.

I wanted to make this at home and this Corned Beef Hash Recipe by Epicurious states:

If you choose to make this hash with eggs, you’ve got breakfast. Take away the eggs, pair it with a green salad, and dinner is served.

Well, I beg to differ.  On the first day I tried this it was supper time and since I had a bagel for breakfast earlier that morning, I really wanted eggs.  In the end, it was a satisfying dinner to me.

Oh it was so good, so filling and I was so happy.

Before this attempt, I’d just wait until I set foot in a diner again.  On some occasions it was burnt and on others, just right.  So, ordering this was pretty much a gamble and very likely, still out of a can.  Well, I don’t want to pay for that.


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