Pans out!

One night, while staring at the small spoon I had filled with some baby food, I got lost in the sauce, literally.

I began picturing the chicken vegetable medley that came from a container simmering in a large pot instead.  A creamy and hopefully delicious soup the whole family could enjoy (if only I knew how to make it myself.)

Somehow, I forgot that creating a home cooked meal was a practical life skill.  At least until you order pizza again (with fresh garlic please) because you’re still intimidated by dough.

There was a time when I rarely had any interest in cooking.  I didn’t prep meals ahead, nor did I give saving leftovers any thought.  In fact, when my coworkers brought their lunch in from home (unless someone else cooked it for them) I could not relate. I liked to dine out, often.  But eventually, this cycle of trying out new restaurants and ordering take-out was off the menu and I can thank motherhood for reacquainting me with the kitchen.

A simple recipe for vegetable chowder was the very first to set me on this new path.  You can omit the flour and cheese and use an immersion blender to thicken for a healthier version.  I’ve also sautéed the onions with extra virgin olive oil in place of any butter.  A variety of veggies have worked for us and sometimes I add chicken.  Season to taste and skip the chicken bouillon if salt intake is a concern.  If you need a push to make some soup, this adorable ladle might help.

I’m getting a real kick out of trying new recipes these days, especially when it all pans out!


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